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SOFTWARE ImagePRO Autoquant X3 . Imaris

Professional software packages for image optimization, evaluation and visualization in research and development. From 1.400 €.

Professional image analysis software has features that you painfully miss in free-of-charge software

huge range of features . stability . usability and comfort  :  ImagePRO  .  Autoquant X3  .  Imaris


ImagePRO Insight  Basic software for scientific image evaluation in 2d

image acquisition  .  image analysis  .  image quantification  .  report generator

Feature list

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ImagePRO Premier  Professional scientific image evaluation in 2d

image acquisition  .  image analysis  .  image quantification  .  report generator

additional features not included in Image-Pro Insight :  .live image analysis  .  object analysis and counting  .  automation  .  3d viewer  .  colocalization analysis  .  particle tracking  .  alignment  u.v.m.

Feature list

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Appropriate workshop    Image evaluation with ImagePRO  ..on request at your premises

Image formats

Optimization of image quality

Image evaluation, quantification, analysis

Automation of evaluation

Plugins  .  Data export

LOCATION  .  At your premises

DURATION  .  1 day (9AM – 4PM)

PRICE  (incl. VAT)   329 €

plus 0,75€ per km travel costs (we charge only one way)

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Cancellation is free of charge when made at least 10 days before workshop date. If cancellation is made later we charge 50% of the total course fee. In cases of illness the course ImagePro Premier can be attended at a later date within 3 month.

AutoQuant X3 Professional software for image optimization & visualization

sophisticated deconvolution package with many extras for 2d and 3d recordings

removal of blurring  .  image stabilization function for time lapse recordings  .  3d and time lapse visualization

volumetric calculations  .  moviemaker and more  optional: tracking, counting, FRET calculation & ratiometric


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Imaris Professional software for breathtaking 3d visualizations

Includes many features to automatically evaluate scientific data

3d visualization  .  3d object counting  .  particle tracking in 2D/3D  .  special packages for cell- and neurobiology


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Imagepro Premier Insight Imaris Autoquant X3 Bildauswertung Dekonvolution Bildanalyse Mikroskopie Mikroskop

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