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Imaging Services

To ensure optimal use of your equipment.

Information for universities: Our services are 100% fundable. Do you already receive funding by the DFG? In this case you most probably enjoy a so-called flexibilized funding. That means you can refinance the use of our services through money of your grant if you consider it important to your project. When applying for a new grant, it is even possible to include our services in your application.

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We make excellent microscopic recordings of your specimen.

We can image for you fluorescently labelled samples (localization), molecular interactions (e.g. FRET), ion currents, histological stainings or unstained cells.

Either with our own systems or using your equipment in your lab.



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Implementation of microscopic methods

Implementation of microscopic methods

A variety of microscopic measuring methods have proven themselves as valuable imaging tools to analyse biochemical, physical and morphological features of cells.

Measuring methods 

Microscope maintenance

for all brands such as Leica, Leitz, Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss *
Quality and reliability are of paramount importance in biomedical research. Our maintenance service checks essential parts of your microscope, optimizes the illumination, cleans the optics from dust and oily contaminations – for crystal clear images.

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Software development

Development of custom software specifically tailored to your needs and specifications, Plugin design for ImageJ and other software.

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Maintenance for the following microscopes (and others):

LEICA  AF, DM, DMI, SFL series, confocal and superresolution systems SP5, SP8, STED, GSD *

NIKON  Eclipse NI-E, Ni-U, Ti and confocal systems A1, C1, C2+ *

OLYMPUS  BX, IX, MX, SZX series and confocal systems FV1000, FV1200 *

ZEISS  Axio Imager, Axio Observer, Axioplan, Axio Scope, Axiovert *

and all confocal systems such as LSM 700, 710, 780, 880, 7 MP *

* registered trademarks of their respective owner

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Method implementation

from € 380/*
  • We analyse which flavour of the desired method is most adequate to your setup and your needs.
  • Subsequently we establish them locally at your facilities.
  • Duration 1-8 working days.
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for all brands - Leica, Nikon, Olympus Zeiss and others
from € 99/maintenance
  • Function test of the microscope
  • Cleaning of microscope optics incl. objectives and camera
  • Adjustment of illumination system(s)
  • Maintenance protocol
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Software development

from € 45/hr *
  • Custom software tailored to your needs.
  • Development in Java, C++ and various scripting languages.
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rates are without VAT (plus 19% german VAT)

* Leica, Nikon, Olympus, Zeiss and others are registered trademarks of their respective owner.

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